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            Installing Windows 10 on a Clear Touch Interactive PC Module

            Clear Touch Interactive offers a range of Integrated PC Modules that can either be purchased pre-loaded with Windows 10 Pro or without an operating system.  If you or your organization chooses to purchase your PC Module without an OS, you will need to perform your own Windows installation or imaging on your devices.  In this guide, we will be covering several of the most common methods for deploying an OS to one of our PC Modules.

            Fresh Installation Using Bootable Installation Media

            The first option we'll cover is the most straightforward method of installing Windows on one of our PC Modules.  You'll need a few things to get started:
            1. A USB thumb drive with at least 8GB of usable space
            2. Windows 10 Product Key
            3. Internet connection for preparing installation media
            You can create Windows 10 installation media by going to and downloading the Windows 10 Installation Media Tool.  Download the Installation Media Tool, and follow the instructions for creating installation media.  Once you have prepared your USB thumb drive with Windows Installation Media, follow the steps below to begin the Windows installation process.
            1. Insert USB drive into one of the USB 3.0 ports on the PC Module
            2. Power on your Clear Touch display, open your Input Menu, and select the PC input
            3. As the PC Module powers on, repeatedly press f7 using your Clear Touch remote or external keyboard to access Boot Menu
            4. Once Boot Menu appears, use your arrow keys to navigate to your USB Thumb drive and press Enter
            5.  Follow the on-screen prompts to proceed with Windows install process.  Please note that you'll want to choose the 64 bit (x64) version of Windows 10 for your PC Module.  For detailed step-by-step install instructions, a helpful install guide can be found at
            6. Once Windows installation has completed, be sure to run Windows Update to install the appropriate device drivers for your PC Module.  
            7. Ensure that your Windows Power & Sleep Settings are configured correctly at
            Network (PXE) Booting as an IT Admin

            This method of operating system deployment is typically used by IT Administrators, and allows for booting your PC Module to a network imaging server to install Windows.  You'll need the following to successfully image a PC Module over the network:
            1. An Ethernet network connection
            2. A network deployment solution (Microsoft WDS/SCCM, for example)
            3. Prepared Windows Image or installation media
            4. Windows Product Key or Licensing
            The steps for PXE Booting to your imaging server can be found below:
            1. Connect your PC Module to the network using the RJ45 Ethernet port on the PC Module
            2. Power on your Clear Touch Display, open your Input Menu, and select the PC input
            3. As the PC powers on, repeatedly press f2 on your Clear Touch remote or external keyboard to access the UEFI settings
            4. Navigate to the Boot tab, and change the option for Onboard Lan Pxe Rom to Legacy for MBR PXE booting.  For UEFI/GPT configurations, navigate to UEFI PXE Configuration and change UEFI PXE to Enabled
            5. Press f10 to save your changes and exit
            6. Press f7 while the PC boots to access the Boot Menu
            7. Select the Network Adapter from the list of options to begin booting to your network server
            Please contact Clear Touch Support with any questions you have about the process.  Our Support line can be reached at 864-643-5045, or you can submit a support ticket at any time at

            Updated: 22 Apr 2019 11:12 PM
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