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            How to Enable Advanced Code Mode in Collage

            If you are experiencing issues connecting your external device to a Clear Touch panel using the Collage application or are receiving an error message such as "Incorrect code or not in the same network." We have a solution for you, you can simply enable Advanced Code Mode which will allow mirroring across multiple VLAN's in the enterprise network environment. To enable Advanced Code Mode you will need to first open the Collage application. If this does not correct the issue, please review our Clear Touch Networking Guide and open the ports listed below Collage.

            Once you have opened the Collage application you will then select "Menu" and then “Settings”


            Once you are in the Settings menu you will then select the tab for “Advanced Code Mode”

            Once Advanced Code Mode is enabled the Collage application will display a nine digit alphanumeric code.


            You will also need to go into the settings on the Collage application from the sender device and enable Advanced Code Mode using the same steps as shown above. 


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