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            Clear Touch Networking Guide

            This document covers general network requirements for Clear Touch software and features, along with troubleshooting steps for common networking issues relating to the 6000 Series.  

            OTA Firmware Updates
            Over the air firmware updates, accessible through the Android Settings menu, require the Android side of the panel to be connected to the internet via Ethernet or Wi-Fi adapter.  Ensure that the following domain is white-listed on the network firewall:
            • 80
            • 443

            Clear Touch App Store
            Like OTA firmware updates, the Clear Touch Store requires the Android side to be connected to the network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi Adapter.  Ensure that the following domain is white-listed on the network firewall:
            • *.appland.*

            EasiNote, EasiConnect, and EasiCapture will automatically activate on any machine that is connected to a 6000 Series panel via USB touch cable.  For activation issues, ensure that the following addresses are white-listed:

            Devices must be on the same network to connect to each other.  As of version, Collage auto-activates on 6000 Series displays.  If Collage fails to activate, ensure that the following domain is white-listed:
            Ports for communication: 49200-49400, selected randomly.

            1. UDP: 7990
            2. TCP: 7991
            3. TCP: 7995
            4. TCP: 7994
            5. TCP: 7993

            Installing SSL Certificates on Android OS
            For users who have implemented SSL/TLS network security protocols, our panels allow for SSL Certificates to be installed on the Android OS.  First, ensure the panel is running an up-to-date firmware, either through a manual or OTA firmware update.  Prepare a USB thumb drive with the necessary SSL Certificates for your organization, and insert it into one of the USB ports on the panel.  Navigate to the Android Settings menu, and select the "Security" menu.  Click the "Install from storage" button, and navigate to the certificate files you wish to import to the panel.  

            Ensure the following addresses and ports are whitelisted and open on the network firewall:
            • *
            • *
            • 16088
            • 80
            • 443

            Canvas on Android OS
            The Canvas app on your Clear Touch display requires a network connection in order to auto-activate the software.  The following domain is required for auto-activation

            Automatic Time & Date on Android OS
            The Android OS will automatically update the time and date by default.  This feature can be enabled by navigating to Android Settings menu, selecting the "Date & Time" section, and checking the option for "Automatic Date & Time".   This feature uses the following port and domain to update the time
            2. 123 (UDP)

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