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            Using Screen Lock and Resetting Lost Password

            6000+ Series displays include an Android app called Screen Lock, which allows the display user to set a password on the display and lock the screen down.  To access this app, navigate to your Android Home screen and click the grid icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to see your currently installed apps.  Select Screen Lock from this page, and you will be presented with the option to set a Screen Lock password.  Once the password has been set, you simply launch the Screen Lock app to lock the display down.  This will prevent other users from interacting with the panel, even after the display has been shut down and restarted.

            Unfortunately, some users have reported forgetting their Screen Lock password, or having another user set the password, locking down the display.  To clear the Screen Lock password and regain access to the display, simply press "Input 0 2 1 4" on your Clear Touch remote.  If you cannot locate your remote, you can perform the same function using an external keyboard by pressing the Input button on the front of your display (gear icon button) and pressing "0 2 1 4" on your keyboard.  The app will immediately be unlocked, and the password will be cleared until you set it again in the future.

            Please contact Clear Touch Interactive's Support Team with any questions about Screen Lock, or any other panel functions and capabilities.  Our Support Line can be reached at 864-643-6045, and you can submit a support ticket at
            Updated: 22 Apr 2019 11:12 PM
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