Fix for Canvas / Chorus crashing immediately after opening

Fix for Canvas / Chorus crashing immediately after opening

If you encounter issues with the Canvas / Chorus Android app crashing immediately after opening, please follow these steps to resolve the issue.
  1. Ensure that the Android OS is connected to the internet either via Ethernet or WiFi. You can check your network connection by tapping on either the Ethernet or WiFi icon in the bottom left corner of the Android Home screen. Canvas / Chorus requires an internet connection to auto-activate on Clear Touch panels the first time that the app is launched. Once activated, the app no longer requires a network connection.
  1. Make sure that the appropriate URLs have been whitelisted on your local network per our Software Network Requirements so that the can connect to the authentication server upon launch.
  1. From your Android Home screen, tap on the "waffle" icon (9 dots) in the bottom right corner of the screen. Tap on "Settings", then scroll down and tap "Apps." Tap on the app (Canvas or Chorus) and tap on "Storage." Tap on "Clear Storage" and then confirm. Close the Settings menu, and launch the app (please note that the app may require a network connection to reactivate after clearing the storage).
If the steps above do not resolve the issue, please contact Clear Touch Support at 864-643-5045 or submit a Support Ticket at
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