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            Writing Not Smooth in SMART Notebook 14

            Article Title: Writing Not Smooth in SMART Notebook 14

            Related Product(s): 5000 H and H+ Series, Windows 7, Vista

            Issue Description: When writing with the Pen tool in SMART Notebook 14, the ink is not smooth and jumps around

            Issue Resolution: According to the SMART Notebook 14 Guide, Page 215, Single Finger Panning must be turned off in Windows 7.

            To turn off the Flicks and Single Finger Panning features

            1. Select Start > Control Panel > Pen and Touch.

              The Pen and Touch dialog box appears.

            2. Select the Flicks tab, and then clear the Use flicks to perform common actions quickly and easily check box.

            3. Select the Panning tab, and then clear the Turn on Single Finger Panning check box.

            4. Click OK.

            Additional Comments: Here is the link to the article on SMART's website:




            Updated: 23 Apr 2015 01:34 AM
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