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            Using Panel After Long Period of No Use

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            Issue Description: When panel is being stored for a long period of time with no use, issues may occur when powering back on and performing certain actions. Some of these issues could be: panel will not power on, touch not as smooth as before, software not working properly, audio not working from panel speakers, panel not powering on or shutting down properly, etc...

            Issue Resolution: Each of these issues can be fixed with a few steps.

            Panel will not power on: Be sure that the power cable is firmly connected to the panel. Also, be sure that your panel is surge protected by the provided in line surge protector. There is a rocker switch on the panel as well which cuts off all power to the unit. Try rocking this back and forth to ensure the panel is getting power and be sure it is in the ON postion (flipped to the I side and not the O side)

            Touch not as smooth as before: Be sure to clean the screen with a dry microfiber cloth to ensure a smooth dry surface. If using a cleaner, be sure it is a non-alcoholic cleaner meant for electronics and DO NOT spray onto the panel itself, but onto the cloth you are using. The way your panel recognizes touch is by Infrared Sensors around the outer edges of the screen, so if any liquid drips down into the bottom portion, this could potentially damage those sensors. Also, be sure that the inner edges of the screen are clear of dust and debris so the IR sensors can work properly.

            Software not working properly: Be sure to visit our download section of the website and ensure you are running the latest versions of our software. These may have updated during the time your panel was not in use, so being sure these are up to date can ensure they run as intended.

            Audio not working properly: This can be caused by Windows updates that may have occurred without notice, and can effect how certain drivers work. To be sure everything is up to date, we recommend running all Windows updates and also utilizing a Driver Update program.
            We suggest using iObit Driver Booster which can be found here:

            Panel not powering on or shutting down properly: This can be caused by Windows updates as well, which effect Windows power settings. There are default settings that are useful for laptops and things, but do not work well with our panel. To ensure the power on and shut down process is the most efficient, we recommend changing these power settings, and a guide to do so can be found in our Help Center and a direct link is listed below.

            Additional Comments: Following the above guidelines should get your panel back to how it was when you left it, and it should run the way it was intended to. However, if you still have something that just is not working, feel free to contact our support team by submitting a new ticket, and a member of our team will assist you as soon as possible.

            Thank you for choosing Clear Touch Interactive!


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            Updated: 03 Aug 2016 02:15 AM
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