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            Touch not working with EasiCapture or EasiNote when in Desktop mode

            When using the overlay features in the EasiSuite (EasiCapture and EasiNote), it will not allow you to interact with web browsers or other windows except to minimize, move or close.

            With the release of Windows Update 1803, there are conflicts that have arisen between EasiSuite's Touch interface and Window's built in touch features.  These issues have since been resolved by updated versions of EasiNote and EasiCapture (Note version and Capture version and later).  To update EasiNote and EasiCapture, please download the latest versions of the application from or follow the instructions below to check for updates from within the applications.

            Updating EasiNote

            Press the Menu icon in the bottom left corner of EasiNote, and then select Help and press the Update icon

            Updating Capture

            Launch EasiCapture, and select the Edit icon

            Click the Help icon in the top left corner of the screen, and select Check for update to launch the update utility

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