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            Repair Image-Retention (Burn-In)

            Let's clarify some terms. First, "burn-in" is the term given to a display when it has become permanently degraded. Image retention is when there is a faint imprint of an image ghosted on the panel. These issues can occur because the pixels stay frozen. Here are a few options that will help get rid of the ghosted image.

            Option 1. One of the easiest fixes is to adjust the brightness and contrast and show varied content. If the image retention is mild it will go away.

            Option 2. The panel also has a burn mode. Here are the steps for running that process.
                  - Enter the debug menu by pressing "Input,1,3,7,9" (there are other ways to access the debug menu).
                  - Select Burn Mode from the debug menu list.
            Burn Mode is designed to work the pixels on your screen in a way that will repair the light emitting deficiency that brought about the image retention. Because the process is flexing the pixels, the panel needs to stay in burn mode for an extended period of time (we usually recommend overnight).

            Option 3. If you are certain that specific color pixels need to be flexed, then this website has specific videos that you can select and play for an extended period of time.

            If the image remains it may be officially burnt-in. Only time will tell. If you are working with a 6000U series panel (or newer) the burn-in issue can be completely avoided by turning on pixel-shift. Pixel-Shift re-positions the on-screen image at predetermined intervals to keep the pixels from "freezing." This can be located in the Settings on the Android side of the panel. The location is Settings > Display > Pixel Shift.

            Updated: 01 Jul 2019 12:28 PM
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