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            Redeeming Snowflake Licensing and Managing Sub-logins as an IT Administrator

            Note: This guide will cover managing your Snowflake licensing and user accounts.  If you have note yet received the license codes for your Clear Touch displays, please submit a Support Ticket with the Purchase Order Numbers for your displays at and our team will provide the appropriate license codes.

            Snowflake is an account-based application with a variety of tools to facilitate managing your licensing and user accounts.  While Snowflake will auto-activate and not require an account when installed on a PC that is connected to a Clear Touch display, creating and activating your user account will allow you to log into devices that are directly connected to Clear Touch displays.  Individual user accounts will also give users access to the Lessons Online functionality within Snowflake, allowing users to create, download and share their lessons and collaborate with other Snowflake users.  All of your Snowflake license codes can be applied to a single "master" account, and you can then add "sub-login" accounts underneath your master account that will share the available license slots.   

            You can create your Snowflake master account at and clicking the Register button.  We recommend using a generic email address created specifically for account management (for example, to create your master account.  Once you have created your account, you can log in at to begin managing your licensing and sub-login accounts.  

            Logging into your master account at will display your Licenses overview, which shows your available license slots.  Your new account will look something like this upon first logging in:

            Please note that the three license slots shown above are trial licenses that will expire after 60 days.  The different license types (Flow, Snowflake, and Campfire) are different applications developed by Nuiteq that can also be managed using your Snowflake account. 

            To redeem your license codes, select Redeem code at the top of the page and enter the license codes provided by our Support Team into the redemption slot.  Once redeemed, each license code will create five open license slots under your Licenses overview page (see below.)

            Each open license slot corresponds with an available login on a device.  For example, every time you log in to Snowflake on a new device using your account credentials, one of the license slots will be filled.  If you want to free up a used license slot for a new device, you can remove devices from your Licenses overview page by clicking the power button icon next to the device name.

            Sub-login accounts are used to quickly and easily create accounts for users within your organization by importing their email addresses into your master account.  Sub-login accounts have full access to Snowflake, including Lessons Online, but cannot log into their own account management page at  To begin adding sub-login accounts, click the Sub-logins tab at the top of your account overview page, and enter the email address for a user in your organization into the box under Add sub-login.

            Once you have added the user's email address as a sub-login, they will be sent an automated email with login credentials (their email address, along with an auto-generated password) so they can log into Snowflake on their devices.  Please note that sub-login users cannot log into their account overview page at, however they can find or reset their password by clicking the Forgot your password? or Reset password buttons at  When a sub-login user logs into Snowflake on a new device, it will fill one of the open license slots on your master account's Licenses overview tab.

            You can also create multiple sub-login accounts automatically by importing a CSV file with stored email addresses.  This allows you to create sub-logins for every user in your organization in one step.  

            The final option for adding a sub-login account is Adopt existing NUITEQ account.  This option allows you to add another user's master account as a sub-login.  This step is necessary if a user in your organization creates her own account at before being added as a sub-login.  Once you adopt an existing account, the user must log in at to confirm the account transfer.

            To remove a sub-login account, simply click the Remove tab next to the sub-login name.

            You can also transfer open license slots to another Snowflake master account.  This is useful for consolidating multiple accounts into a single master account.  To do this, click the Transfer licenses button at the top of the page, and enter the email address for the account that you wish to transfer licenses to.  You can select the appropriate number from the dropdown box, and press send to confirm the license transfer.

            For more information on Snowflake account management, please see Nuiteq's excellent documentation at

            You can contact Nuiteq support via email at, or feel free to call Clear Touch Support at 864-643-5045 or submit a Support Ticket at
            Updated: 01 Jul 2019 05:32 AM
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