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            Enabling and using touch screen keyboard in Windows 10

            The Touch Keyboard in Windows 10 makes it easy to type on your Clear Touch panel when using an integrated PC Module or when connected to an external PC via HDMI and USB Touch cable.  With the Fall Creator's Update, Windows is bringing new changes to the touch keyboard, including a new keyboard type and updated user interface.  This guide will cover setting up the touch keyboard to suit your preferences.

            How to view your touch keyboard
            • Click the Start button
            • Click the Settings button. It looks like a gear.
            • Click Devices

            • Click Typing
            • Click the switch below Show the touch keyboard when not in tablet mode and there's no keyboard attached so that it turns on.

            A touch keyboard will now appear when you click a field that accepts typing and your PC senses no physical keyboard is attached.  

            This menu of touch keyboard settings can be tweaked however you'd like, including options for playing sounds when typing, capitalizing the first letter of a sentence, and using uppercase letters when double-tapping the virtual Shift key (much like a phone keyboard).

            Want to reach the settings menu quickly? Here's how.

            • Tap or click the touch keyboard settings button.
            • Tap or click the Typing Settings button.

            Locking the touch keyboard to your taskbar
            To lock the touch keyboard button to your taskbar in Windows, perform the following steps:
            • Right-click the taskbar to bring up your taskbar options context menu
            • Check the Show touch keyboard button
            • To open the touch keyboard at any time, tap the touch keyboard icon in your taskbar

            How to change touch keyboard type
            There are four separate types of touch keyboard you can use. The standard keyboard is what is shown by default, and has most keys you regularly use. One of the newest additions to the touch keyboard, coming with the Fall Creators Update, is a swipe keyboard that emulates the one on Windows 10 Mobile. To change keyboard types, follow these steps.
            • Tap or click the touch the keyboard settings button.
            • Tap or click a keyboard type in the top row of the menu.  The left option is the standard keyboard and should be grayed out because it's already in use.  There are three more options next to it.

            The second option is the mobile keyboard clone.  It includes a swipe function that lets you quickly tupe without removing your finger or pen from the screen, much like the keyboard found in Windows 10 Mobile.

            The third keyboard is the inking keyboard.  This keyboard can be used with your finger or pen; write words in clear handwriting instead of typing single keys.

            The keyboard on the far right is the expanded standard keyboard.  This includes the Windows and Function keys.

            How to change between floating and fixed touch keyboard
            Instead of having the touch keyboard fixed along the bottom of your screen, you can change it to a floating keyboard that can be moved around at your will.

            Tap or click the touch keyboard settings button.
            Tap or click the floating keyboard button.

            To change back to a fixed keyboard, repeat the steps but tap the fixed keyboard button, located next to the floating keyboard button in the second row of the menu.

            Updated: 10 Jan 2019 11:44 AM
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