Using the DC100 & DC110 Document Camera Wirelessly

Using the DC100 & DC110 Document Camera Wirelessly

The DC100 and DC110 Document Cameras are capable of being used with both a wired and a wireless connection. The wired connection uses a USB A-B cable to plug directly into a Clear Touch internal PC or an external PC. Connecting via the USB cable is also necessary to authenticate the stand alone Canvas software that comes with the document camera. 

The document camera connects wirelessly by broadcasting its own WiFi SSID. In order to connect to the camera, first make sure the camera is charged and powered on. Next, go into your WiFi settings for your PC. In the list of available networks, look for the SSID that begins with "CTI" like the example below:

Each document camera has its own unique SSID, but they all have the same CTI prefix. Once you are connected to the document camera's SSID*, it will show up as an available camera input with Canvas. 

*Please note that the DC110 requires a password for connection to the SSID. Here is the default password: 1234567890

Below is a link to a video walk-through of running through these steps on a Windows 10 PC:

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