Updating Firmware for Auto-Tracking on the RL400

Updating Firmware for Auto-Tracking on the RL400

Items Needed
    1. Upgrade v2.9

    2. Two firmware files (.img format) 

  1. PC

  2. RL400

  3. LAN connection for PC and Camera

Steps for Loading Firmware

- Download Upgrade Software.

- Connect the power cord to the camera and power on (let it complete "check sequence").

- Connect the camera and PC to LAN.

- Change the IP and subnet of the PC to the same as the default for the camera. The default IP address for the camera is, this can be seen on the view of the camera by pressing *,#,4 on the remote.
- Open Network Connections > Ethernet and use the recommended settings in the screenshots below:

- Select PC IPv4 address (should be to Search for the camera on the Local network.

- Select the camera in the devices window. Default IP is

Once the connection to the camera has been established the IP address (DHCP) and settings can be changed. For the purpose of this guide we will update the firmware.
- In Config menu below, change Mode to DHCP and select "Set" (camera will run through restart check sequence after confirmation message in the software).

- On the PC, go back to Network Properties and set the computer back to "Obtain an IP address automatically," and "Obtain DNS server address automatically."

- Go back to the Upgrade v2.9 software, select the PC IP Address (in the example below the PC is, and select "Search."

- Right-click on the device and select "Upgrade".

Confirm that the Upgrade tab loads with Type = MTD and the IP address of the camera listed. Also, ensure that "Type1" is selected in the bottom right dropbox.

- Select Query to see current Version Information.

- Select Open and locate the first firmware file (VX60_F31.V_V9.1032_20210915.img).

- Select Upgrade. The camera will restart and run through the startup "check sequence."

Once completed, load the second firmware file.

- Select Open and locate the second firmware file (VX60_F31.V_V9.1032_USER_20210915.img).

- Select Upgrade. The camera will restart and run through the startup "check sequence."

Once completed, select Query to confirm the Version Information has changed. (SOC should be v9.0.1032).

This will load the firmware to allow for auto-tracking communication between the camera and the remote. The yellow [F3] button will engage auto-tracking. The light blue [F4] will disengage auto-tracking. When F3 is selected, green boxes will appear around trackable items. The arrow buttons can be used to move to the desired selection and the HOME button on the remote will give preference to the selected item. Please reference the picture of the remote below:

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