Troubleshooting and Communication for Adjustable or Convertible Stands

Troubleshooting and Communication for Adjustable or Convertible Stands

If there is an issue with an adjustable or convertible stand we recommend these steps.

- Please swap remotes with another working stand to ensure the remote is not malfunctioning.

- Verify if the stand can be repaired with calibration.
      - For Convertible Stands (CTI-STAND-CONM-V3), please reference this page:
      - For Adjustable V3 (CTI-STAND-ADJM-V3 or CTI-STAND-ADJW-V3):
      - For Adjustable V4 (CTI-STAND-ADJM-V4 or CTI-STAND-ADJW-V4):

Once calibration has been completed, return all cabling to the proper connections without bypassing the Anti-Collision Sensor.

For a replacement, please submit a ticket with the following information:
- Purchase Order for the original purchase. This allows us to communicate the date of purchase and connect the order with warranty information.
- Picture of sticker containing serial number (usually located on the back towards the top of the column). This provides specific information for the supplier.
- Video of the issue. This step helps us confirm for all parties the exact color, style, and version of the stand that is having the malfunction.

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