Setting Up Your DC100 Wireless Document Camera in Canvas Software

Setting Up Your DC100 Wireless Document Camera in Canvas Software

The Clear Touch DC100 Wireless Document Camera comes bundled with Canvas software. This software can be downloaded from one of the links below. Scroll down on the page and select the "Attached Files" tab to find your download:

Once Canvas is installed, plug in your DC100 Doc Cam via the USB cable, turn the camera's power switch on, and then launch the Canvas software. Doing this activates your Canvas software for 30 days, allowing you to run Canvas without connecting the Doc Cam.

Every 30 days, reconnect the DC100 Doc Cam via the USB cable and launch Canvas to activate the next 30 days.

This process ensures Canvas is properly licensed and being used with Clear Touch product. 

In order to access the camera within Canvas, select the far right icon on the bottom toolbar as pictured below:

Next, select the "Camera" icon:

If the DC100 is the only camera connected to your PC, it should automatically display. If you have multiple cameras, you can switch between them using the drop down menu circled below:
*Note for Mac users*:

Canvas running on Mac machines only recognizes one form of input at a time. Because of this, you will need to hold the Function key and press F3 at the same time to have access to your mouse to perform the steps above and display your document camera. You can then switch back to a touch input for the whiteboard application. 

How to connect your document camera wirelessly:

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