Setting up Your Clear Digital SHO Stick

Setting up Your Clear Digital SHO Stick

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Out of the Box
Contents: SHO Signage Player Stick, Micro USB Power Cable, Power Block, Remote Control, IR Receiver Cable (for use with Remote), HDMI Extender Cable

Set Up
1. Connect Stick to the Power Supply (and also into a Power Source)

2. Connect Stick to your Display with an HDMI Cable (or Directly, as pictured, either way)

3. Connect your desired navigation/point/click/mouse/keyboard dongle or USB cable to the SHO Stick USB end

4. **NOTE: If you see a pop up asking to select a Home App on Power Up, select 'Mediabox launcher h616' as covered in Step 6, then come back to this step.**
Select Landscape or Portrait Mode

5. For Wireless, choose your Wi-Fi Network and enter Wi-Fi Password

6. Select Home App **This MUST be 'MediaBox launcher h616' ONLY. Do NOT select 'Clear Digital Media Player'!!**

7. Launch SHO to generate Activation Code

8. Use Activation Code to add device in SHO CMS

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