Laser pointers and CTI panel

Laser pointers and CTI panel

You may be here to quickly learn which laser pointer works best with a Clear Touch panel.

The answer is green.

If you want to know why said color of laser pointer works well with our panel, then keep reading. At the very least you will walk away with knowledge to share at the next meeting, at best you will be well equipped to purchase laser pointers for any circumstance.

There are a few reasons why not all laser pointers are equal on a Clear Touch panel. The first is because the screens have an anti-reflection coating. Keeping glare off the screen means having a barrier that is selective with the light it lets in. This is compounded with the fact that the panel itself is giving off light. Thus the laser beam is weakened by the reflection coating and overpowered by the light-emitting diodes.

Red laser pointers are common and cheap to purchase. In the old classroom with the board or projector this was a fine solution because it only needed to overpower any light sources that converged on its path. This is not the case with our interactive panels and red lasers will have limited visibility.

Green lasers have enough power to withstand the anti-reflection coating and the light-emitting diodes while also existing at a wavelength most sensitive to the human eye.

Wavelength Range
620nm - 750nm
Common, often accompanied with Presenters
577nm - 597nm
Costly because it needs to be cooled
not on
495nm - 570nm
Requires frequency doubling in order to obtain visibility
445nm - 495nm
Also requires frequency doubling; becoming more common

For a  diagram of the inside of the red laser pointer vs the green (and often blue) laser pointer. Take a look at this article on Engineer 360 and notice the difference in construction because the green requires frequency doubling. This is the reason for the difference in price.

Avoid direct eye exposure to any laser pointer. As with many safety precautions, this cannot be overstated. Every laser pointer should have a label with this warning.

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