IP Panel Control Using Telnet

IP Panel Control Using Telnet

Clear Touch panels can be controlled via IP commands sent through Telnet. This guide will walk through the steps to establish a simple Telnet connection and how to input commands.

First, enter the debug menu on the panel. This can be done using a remote and pressing the keys; "Input-1-3-7-9". Go into the "Remote Control" tab and then turn the "Android Remote" setting to "ON".

After obtaining your panel's IP address, launch a Telnet client such as PUTTY on the same network as your panel. Enter the panel's IP address and use port 4664 for communication.

With a connection established, you can input string commands from the list linked here to control the panel: 
*Commands that have values in the "Range" column have values that can be adjusted by changing the numbers in the bold section of the string commands to any number within the range. 
**Note that the "Power On" command requires a hardwired network connection and the "Wake On LAN" option enabled as outlined in the following guide:

In the example below, the command input switches the panel's input to HDMI 1:

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