Adding Media to EVO Display

Adding Media to EVO Display

      In order for your media to be properly displayed on your EVO, you will need to ensure it is formatted correctly. The first thing to get sorted is formatting your USB thumb drive. You will need a 16GB or smaller drive formatted as FAT32. Be aware that the storage limit on the EVO itself is 8GB. 

      Next you will want the files that you want displayed on your EVO to be in the correct format. The dimensions of the EVO display are 1080/1920p so format your pictures and videos accordingly. The supported file types on the EVO are as follows:
  1. JPEG
  2. PNG
  3. MP4
      Finally, there are some things to keep in mind with the names of the files on the drive. There is a limitation of around 8 characters per file name for the EVO. Also, if you want your files to display in a specific order, the easiest way to set this up is by adjusting the file names. If you number the files (1, 2, 3, etc.) at the beginning of the file name, they will display in that order. Here is an example:

      Once your thumb drive is properly formatted and loaded with media, insert it into the USB port on the EVO display underneath the screw cap. The EVO will automatically download the files and play them in a loop. You may then remove the thumb drive. Each time a USB drive is inserted into the EVO, it will delete everything in its on board storage. This means if you want to add any new media to your existing lineup, you will need to reupload all of the media you already had on the EVO along with the new media. 

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