How to set up WOL server for powering on panels through Command (Bytello)

How to set up WOL server for powering on panels through Command (Bytello)

      Clear Touch Interactive’s Command software is a cloud-based remote management tool that allows administrators to seamlessly access, monitor, and control their Clear Touch Interactive flat
panels using any web-connected device. One of the features included is the ability to manage the power status of some or all of your panels. Many users like this feature and want to use it to schedule when their panels power on and off. However, while powering off the panels works immediately without any setup, sending the power on signal requires a little more setup. 

      In order for the power on command to be sent successfully you will need the following:
  1. All panels that you want to use this feature need to be connected to the network via the LAN port that communicates to the Android OS
  2. All panels need to have the WOL feature enabled in the debug menu
  3. A WOL server utility needs to be running on a computer/server on the same network as your panels. This device needs to be powered on when the server utility performs its function.

Here is a graphic that may assist you:
The WOL server utility can be implemented successfully for a multi-site organization by implementing the utility on a PC within each wired network. Here is a graphic attempting to show that multiple site servers can be managed from the same web console:

To enable the WOL feature on a Clear Touch panel, you will need to access the Debug Menu. Please contact Support if you would like this access (call 864-643-5045). Once in the Debug menu, go to the Remote Control setting: 

Once in Remote Control, ensure the Wake on LAN setting is turned on:

Once the WOL setting is enabled on all panels and they are connected to the network via ethernet cables, you will need to set up the WOL Server Utility. You can download the utility via the link below:

After downloading and installing the utility on a server/computer on the same network, you will see three fields to fill out. The Organization code and Admin email should match the account information that is in the web interface. The "Server name" field can be filled out however you see fit.

Now that the server utility is set up, you can log into Command on a web browser. In the left-hand tab, select the administrator icon:

On this screen, you will see a heading for "Server Name". You should now see your WOL server utility listed. This section will also list whether the server is powered on, and how many devices are connected to the server: 

Your WOL server utility is now up and running and you can power on your panels using Command. 

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