How to Calibrate Touch on Internal PC Module (Windows 10)

How to Calibrate Touch on Internal PC Module (Windows 10)


How to Calibrate Touch on your Clear Touch Internal PC Module (Windows 10)

1. Go to the white Search Bar in the lower left corner of your Desktop. Click it and type "Control Panel." When Control Panel pops up in the right menu, click it.

2. When the Control Panel pulls up, click on "Tablet PC Settings."

3. In Tablet PC Settings, make sure you see "PC Monitor" in the Drop Down Box under Display Options. Then, click "Calibrate..."

4.  You will then see this message pop up. As instructed, touch the Crosshair each time you see it in the corners of the screen. (Multiple times in each corner)

5. After touching the Crosshair in each point in each of the corners,  click "Yes" in the pop-up box.

6. **If Touch Calibration is not resolved or has not improved, you can start again from Step 1 and click "Reset" in the Tablet PC Settings Display window**