Fixing Missing App Icons in Snowflake Multiteach

Fixing Missing App Icons in Snowflake Multiteach

In recent versions of Snowflake Multiteach, including version 6.2, users have reported missing certain app icons from the application, most commonly the app icon for Canvas.  This can usually be resolved by resetting the application to default settings using the steps below.

  • Search Windows for "Snowflake" and launch the Snowflake Configurator application from the search results
  • Click the Help icon in the top left corner, and select Reset to defaults from the dropdown menu

  • Click Yes when the "Reset to defaults" dialogue box appears, and wait a moment for the Configurator to reset Snowflake.  The Configurator should close on its own once completed

If you continue to experience issues within Snowflake Multiteach, please submit a support ticket at or contact Nuiteq support by emailing

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