Correct Windows Power Settings for Your Clear Touch Interactive Panel

Correct Windows Power Settings for Your Clear Touch Interactive Panel

*Please apply any outstanding Windows Updates ahead of time as updates may cause Windows to revert any changes*

This article outlines the recommended power settings for Clear Touch Interactive Integrated PC Modules.  These settings will prevent unwanted shutdowns due to the display's built in power saving functions, as well as allow the display to properly power down when necessary (either through scheduled shutdowns in the Android "Startup and Shutdown Options" menu, or by holding down the panel's power button for several seconds.)  

  1. Click the Windows Start button at the bottom left of your desktop
  2. Begin typing "Power Options" and click "Power & Sleep Settings" from the suggested results
  3. Change values for "Sleep" and "Screen" to "Never" and "Never", respectively
  4. Click "Additional Power Settings" from the menu on the right
  5. Click "Choose what power buttons do"
  6. Change the option for "When I press the power button" to "Shut down"

Shutdown Settings

  • Under 'Shutdown Settings', you will want to make sure that all check boxes are UNCHECKED, please do not check any of the boxes.

This will allow you to be able to press and hold the power button on the front of the panel until a message appears to close and shutdown. Select OK (or wait for the 10 second countdown) and the panel will begin to shut down windows as well as power itself off. The power light will flash, but once it is a steady red, the PC and panel should be powered off.

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