6000K+ Firmware Update Record

6000K+ Firmware Update Record

Released week of 4/12/2021 (Firmware Revision 03/25/2021)
  • Repaired - Canvas app icon on sidebar loads Canvas instead of Note

  • Repaired - PC power on when the startup is Android OS

  • Squashed - Android on-screen keyboard Shift key bug.

  • Annotation tool change back to UI similar to 6000K (opaque mode and settings for writing tools)

  • WPS Office removed.

Released July 9, 2021 (Firmware Revision 65K+ - 06/09/2021; 75K+ - 06/11/2021; 86K+ - 05/26/2021)
  • Repaired - Hotspot will not automatically turn on after panel power cycle if it has been turned off previously

  • Installed - Clear Digital Sho App

  • Added - Ability to remove Home screen clock. Settings > Date & time > Home time show

Released November 19, 2021 (Firmware Revision, 65K+, 75K+ & 86K+ - 11/04/2021)
- Repair an issue causing a failure with the DC100 and the Visualizer application
- Install the Stand Control Applications
- Allow pen size adjustment when Android is disabled
- Minor textual corrections

Released April 15, 2022 (Firmware Revision, 65K+, 75K+ & 86K+ - 3/17/2022)
- Update touch firmware to coordinate with the new Mac Touch Driver
- Add screen recording to the Android OS
- Provides compatibility for the USB to HDMI adapter
- Minor bug fixes

Released August 26, 2022 (Firmware Revision, 65K+, 75K+ & 86K+ - 8/21/2022 or 8/22/2022)
- The Android on-screen recording app functions only on the Android input, so we removed the icon from the side toolbar when other inputs are being viewed
- The Spotlight application wording is clearer and the system will keep the size and level of brightness saved in internal memory even after a reboot
- We have clarified the wording regarding the loading of the internal PC, especially if it is in sleep/hibernate mode
- The system will detect if a USB with properly loaded firmware has been connected to the IFP
- Note 5 saves files as .enb to the cloud drive instead of .png
- New boot logo to celebrate UL Listing and Energy Star Certification
- Minor bug fixes

Released April 23, 2023 for Android 11 and April 30, 2023 for Android 9
- Improve Wireless driver for Android 11
- Add an option for a rectangle shape in the Spotlight utility
- Stylus Magnet settings option added in Android Settings
- Collage call button function added to remote; select circular arrow button to open the Collage app window
- Transparent/Opaque mode saved
- Import PDF in Note issue fixed
- Update the Background of the Android OS
- Update the Native Browser application
- Update Canvas to Chorus for Android 9
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

6000K+ Android 11 firmware timestamp 20230401: Android 9 firmware timestamp 20230329: Some pictures and other details are included here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CnBrzjnRNFuP_K19B3A6N_rzOGIVIXe6/view?usp=sharing

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